Stay calm! In the 4 Girls all the confidential information that goes through our purchase process are automatically codified by advanced encryption system that guarantees the exchange of information between our servers and your browser.
Our commitment is to respect your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of all information you provide to us.

The "closed lock" icon at the bottom of your browser during your order is a symbol of information encryption and your guarantee that your data is traveling in a 100% secure environment.

We use international digital certificate for SSL encryption. This internationally renowned organization ensures that you are communicating with the 4 Girls' server and that the information is encrypted so no one can see it. In case of credit card purchases, in addition to encryption and automatic computer processing without any human intervention, another factor of safety is the fact that our store does not store any information about credit cards.

The 4 Girls agrees to use the card number only in the processing of their purchase and, as soon as the card administrator confirms it, the number is automatically destroyed in our systems and is not in any way stored in the files of the 4 Girls.